Body Waxing in Movies and in Real Life

Guys- if you’ve ever thought about undergoing body waxing treatments, your mind probably conjures up images of funny scenes from famous movies and television shows that portray characters usually experiencing their first go-around with waxing. From movies such as Bad Moms 2, Sex and The City, Miss Congeniality, The Hot Chick, New Girl, 40 Year Old Virgin and What Women Want, to television shows such as Two and a Half Men, Friends and Cougar Town – even cartoons including Ice Age – Dawn of The Dinosaurs and Spongebob – waxing and Brazilian waxing treatments are being embraced as an important step to personal hygiene and health.

The Truth About Waxing

Not to burst anyone’s perception bubble of body waxing, but the truth is much of what is portrayed in these instances is often exaggerated for the comedic effect – body waxing is in fact an important element to a person’s overall appearance, both internally and externally. This is because we as human beings think more highly of ourselves when we look and feel our best, which is no laughing matter. It gives us more self-confidence, which helps in our daily interactions with people at work, at play, even when trying to attract a mate.

Improved Self Confidence

Waxing improves self-confidence by removing excess hair on the body including our faces, eyebrows, ears, arms, armpits, legs, chests and backs.  Waxing of the nether regions or the bikini area is often referred to as Brazilian waxing.  It’s an effective treatment that offers a tremendous reward as it not only makes an area smooth and esthetically pleasing but also offers a clean, fresh feeling.  The process is simple and the results are immediate.

So if you’re tired of people giving you the side eye about excessive body hair, then it’s probably time to consider body waxing.  At Theresa’s Face and Body, we specialize in the art of waxing and making sure your experience is pleasant and effective. This includes talking with you (no laughing, we promise) about your expectations and wishes, the details of the procedures, as well as aftercare tips to ensure your skin remains healthy.

Theresa’s Face and Body is one of the leading waxing spa providers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, with 20+ years of experience in full body and Brazilian waxing services. For more information about our permanent hair removal and other skin care services for men, women, teen and transgender individuals please contact us at (239) 206-1216. Visit for more information.