Men’s Brazilian Waxing Tips

Hi guys I have been asked by many of you how to make your body waxing services, especially Brazilian waxing, easier to undergo so here’s the skinny.  

brazilian waxing for men

First Things First

First, I would ask you to refrain from shaving intimate areas if you are to start Brazilian waxing. This can cause unnecessary irritation to the area being treated. Next, for the most effective removal, you should make sure the pubic hair is ¼ of an inch- the length of a grain of rice. If the hair is under this length the wax may not be able to grab the hair effectively leaving areas with prickly stubble. If hair is over this, length hair removal can be difficult resulting in further discomfort.

Apply a Conditioner

Another tip which can make your waxing endeavor a smooth outcome is to condition the public hair while you are in the shower. I would recommend washing your body, then shampooing your hair and while you are conditioning it, also apply the conditioner to the public hair for five minutes then rinsing the area thoroughly. This will make the hair softer and easy to epilate during your wax service.

Treatment Frequency

 You should also plan on undergoing a Brazilian waxing treatment between every 4 to six weeks. This timing works well for most and by adhering to this schedule, you will find that after a couple sessions you notice your hair will start to thin and grow back finer.  

Calming Anxiety

Although men can be nervous while undergoing body waxing services such as Brazilian waxing, a way to ease anxiety during your session is to utilize proper breathing techniques. This involves exhaling while the wax strip is being removed by the esthetician, and taking deep breaths in between each epilation. If you have any questions about breathing techniques, ask your esthetician who will be more than happy to explain in more detail.

Looking For a Professional Esthetician?

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