What Does Manscape Mean?

Most men have heard of the term manscaping, and many associate it with the removal of body hair from the groin area while conjuring up varied emotions and thoughts on the topic. But manscaping means much more than just that. It’s basically the approach of hair trimming and removal, from various areas of the body, and it differs for each body part. What might be safe for some men is more difficult for others. And it’s also about personal preference – men are all different and have different reasons for wanting to remove hair from their body.

What is manscaping

The removal of men’s body hair can include the eyebrows, ears, neck, chest and back, arms, legs, nether regions and more. And there are many over the counter products and body hair removal devices that claim to do the job, but if you’re serious about hair removal, it’s highly recommended to seek out an esthetician professional instead. That being said, let’s further define the term manscaping.

Not Just For Women

Because of its popularity among the female population, hair removal was associated with women until men slowly started seeking out solutions for excessive body hair, including the stereotypical “unibrow”. One of the biggest hurdles for men was overcoming the stigma that hair removal was for women only, which in turn created the development of the term manscaping. This term was (and still is in some instances) misunderstood to mean the removing of hair from the groin area, similar to a Brazilian wax that is performed on some women. There’s a simple rule for manscaping – if it’s hair that you don’t want on your body, it’s perfectly fine and acceptable to remove it. The goal for many is to not remove as much hair as possible, but keep the hair on the body in check.

Things To Remember

It’s important to remember that the hair on your body serves multiple purposes including regulating body temperature, protecting sensitive skin areas, and preventing skin irritation. That’s why it’s best to seek out a professional who can further educate you on the process, properly remove the unwanted hair, and include tips for after-care and follow up treatments. If you have questions about Manscaping or need more info about our services, call Theresa today at 239-206-1216.